In this cookie statement, we explain what cookies are, which ones we use, how to change your choice and how we safeguard your privacy. We also explain why we use these cookies and how long we keep them. You decide which cookies we can use for you. You can change your choice at any time.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are sent to your browser when you visit a website or use an app and that are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet. These files are read every time you visit this website or use the app. These files store information, such as your language preference for the website. That way you don't have to choose it every time you visit.

In addition, CDK Verzekeringen for its digital solutions also uses other techniques such as pixels, SDKs and other technologies. They have the same function as cookies: they ensure that your preferences can be saved and read.

The cookies that are used by CDK Verzekeringen are:

  • Sometimes temporary (session cookies): they are deleted when you close the browser or app
  • Sometimes permanent: they remain until they expire or until you delete them. For example, with permanent cookies you do not always have to log in again

Which cookies does CDK Verzekeringen use and for what purpose?

CDK Verzekeringen distinguishes 3 types of cookies:

Functional cookies necessary for the operation of the website

These are cookies that enable interactivity and ensure that our digital solutions work correctly. These cookies are necessary, for example, to set up communication between you and our digital solutions or to save your cookie settings.

You cannot refuse these cookies, because they are essential for our digital solutions to work optimally. You do not have to give permission for this.

The cookies that CDK Verzekeringen considers necessary are used for:

  • correct functioning of our digital solutions,
  • better performance and error detection,
  • fraud monitoring,
  • keeping track of your preferences such as language choice,

CDK Verzekeringen also exceptionally collects data about the browsers and devices that you use for our digital solutions, such as browser type and settings, device type and settings, network information, IP address, URLs, system activities, error reports, date and time information. This is to proactively detect possible errors and performance problems.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect information to map visitor numbers and the use of our digital solutions by all our visitors. They allow CDK Verzekeringen to improve the content of our digital channels, to better tailor the digital channels to the needs of the users and to increase the general ease of use.

This is done with answers to questions such as "How do visitors reach our digital solutions?" And "How long are our digital solutions used?".

Cookies concerning targeted marketing and advertisements

These cookies allow CDK Verzekeringen to compile commercial profiles of you and to offer commercial messages about products or services that fall within your sphere of interest based on this. CDK Verzekeringen can also use the data from these cookies for our partners who offer related products or services.

How do you choose which cookies CDK Verzekeringen installs?

We provide you as much control as possible. Note: do you refuse cookies? Then some parts of our digital solutions are less tailored to your needs and preferences.

Through the website

Are you visiting one of our websites for the first time? Then you can accept or refuse cookies. Do you want to adjust your choice afterwards? Then you can easily do that by clicking here.

Through your browser

You can refuse the installation of cookies in your browser settings. How you can adjust these settings differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser, or go directly to the manual of your browser via these links: Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

In certain browsers you can also choose not to be tracked by websites ("Do not track" or "Do not track"). CDK Verzekeringen only takes its own cookie mechanism into account and does not support "Do not track".

What about your privacy?

In any collaboration with third parties, CDK Verzekeringen ensures that third parties cannot identify you on the basis of information that CDK Verzekeringen collects via cookies.

When CDK Verzekeringen collects personal data via cookies, this is always done in accordance with the privacy statement. That is why CDK Verzekeringen recommends that you also read this statement.

If you have accepted cookies for our digital solutions and later change your choice:

  • then CDK Verzekeringen will stop saving new data from the moment you refuse cookies. If you subsequently change your cookie choice and again give your permission to use cookies, CDK Verzekeringen will add the new data to the previous one.
  • then CDK Verzekeringen will continue to use the already saved data for modeling and commercial messages for (non-) financial products, if you have given permission for 'tailor-made commercial messages'. You can read more information about 'tailor-made commercial messages' in the privacy statement

Overview of cookies used

Here you will find the detailed lists of cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter abbreviated as “cookies”) used on our website.

Functional cookies necessary for the operation of the website

Name of the cookie: language
Purpose: Remembering language preferences
Data exchanged with party: No
Duration: Max 60 days

Name of the cookie: cookie-consent
Purpose: Remembering cookie permissions
Data exchanged with party: No
Duration: Max 60 days

Name of the cookie: PHPSESSID
Purpose: Enabling website interactivity
Data exchanged with party: No
Duration: Session

Name of the cookie: Agency_id
Purpose: KBC uses this cookie to recognise visitors who land on the KBC website via a sales link from our insurance agents.
Data exchanged with party: No
Duration: Max 7 days

Analytical cookies

Google Universal Analytics

CDK Verzekeringen uses Google Universal Analytics as an analysis tool to compile statistics on how visitors use our digital solutions. CDK Verzekeringen uses that information to gain insights to improve your experience. Information that Google itself provides about this can be found here.

Name of the cookie: _ga
Purpose: This cookie is stored to get a picture of the number of visitors, pages visited, number of Sessions, campaign data,…
Data exchanged with party: Yes
Duration: Max 2 years

Name of the cookie: _gat
Purpose: This cookie is used to limit the number of requests, thus limiting the flow of information
Data exchanged with party: Yes
Duration: Session

Name of the cookie: _gid
Purpose: This cookie is used to track the number of page visits
Data exchanged with party: Yes
Duration: Max 2 years

Cookies concerning targeted marketing and advertisements

Google Ads

CDK Verzekeringen uses Google services to show you relevant advertisements and measure the success of our advertising campaigns. Information that Google itself provides about this can be found here.

Name of the cookie: AID, SID, SIDCC, SSI
Purpose: These cookies are used by Google Ads to advertise in a targeted and effective way and to reach the right target groups more easily.
Data exchanged with party: Yes
Duration: Max 180 days