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A claim is not always easy and there is a lot involved. Fortunately, we are ready with a team of four full-time claims managers to save you the administrative hassle and to get everything sorted out as quickly as possible for you.

How to report damage?

  • By telephone on the number 03 314 70 30
  • KBC 24 + on the number 0800 96 464
  • from abroad +32 16 24 24 24 (for urgent assistance)


Filling in the European collision form (ECF)

Thanks to the specific questions on the European collision form, insurers can quickly determine who is responsible for what.

Part 1: the front, which must be completed by both parties at the time of the accident.
Part 2: the back, which you must complete before you hand in the form to your insurer.

In the first part there are two separate sections (A and B, one for each driver), a central column where you put crosses accordantly and finally a box in which a sketch can be made of the accident.